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An AI-driven platform built specifically for life sciences designed to enhance efficiency by organizing, evaluating, visualizing, & sharing insights from pipeline, market landscape and clinical data.

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Competitive Intelligence

  • Provide thoughtful analysis of how ever-changing data affects your organization
  • Respond to on-the-spot requests for competitive insights
  • Customize views for various stakeholders without having to recreate slides and spreadsheets
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Medical Affairs Professionals

  • Efficient knowledge sharing across teams with proper restrictions and authorizations
  • Customized approach to view insights across therapeutic areas the way you want
  • Robust medical conference pre-planning and conference coverage support
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Business Development

  • Efficiently see when assets achieve milestones
  • Grow your business network and quickly access competitive insights
  • Analyze development landscapes at many levels and permutations without the need for creating and updating multiple reports
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Executives & Investor Relations Professionals

  • Quickly analyze news and events to be able to answer investor questions
  • Track multiple therapies, companies, and market changes simultaneously
  • View data and insights from various sources like earnings calls, social media, and medical conferences
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Multiple Responsibilities

  • Make better decisions that impact several aspects of the business
  • Gain your time back and not spend it on re-inventing efforts
  • Respond to on-the-spot requests from multiple internal stakeholders
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Brand Leaders

  • Make quick decisions about your brand to seize opportunities
  • Ensure your brand’s presence at a conference stands out among the competition
  • Leverage competitive and market insights to drive brand planning
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We offer solutions that simplify the lives of life sciences leaders by organizing, evaluating, visualizing, & sharing insights from pipeline, market landscape and clinical data.


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Learn how inPhronesis can simplify your life and empower your team with expert consultants and our cloud-based system, inVision.

Chris Martin, MBA, MS


As the president of inPhronesis, Chris is focused on constantly improving inVision, the leading competitive and market intelligence platform for the biopharmaceutical industry, to better meet the changing needs of clients.


With 20 years of experience in roles being a consumer of market and competitive information, Chris understands the needs and priorities of clients. Chris was a senior principal and co-founder of inThought, a life science consulting, market research, and analytics firm. Collaborating with Ben Weintraub, Chris also co-founded BiotechTracker, an online tool for investors and precursor to inVision. Previous to inThought, he was a healthcare analyst and co-portfolio manager at two investment firms. Chris served in health care policy roles at the White House Office of Management and Budget. These roles included Medicare Desk Officer at the Office of Information and Regulatory Affairs, where he was responsible for providing recommendations to senior White House policy officials on healthcare policies and regulations.


Chris has a Master in Business Administration from Harvard Business School, a Master in Engineering from Villanova University, and a Bachelor of Science in Engineering from Cornell University. Prior to attending Harvard Business School, Chris served on two U.S. Navy nuclear submarines and at the Pentagon.